Afzoon Ravan Sazan Mihan Company decided to produce the additive oil by a team of internal experts and external consultants in 2013. In the event of production of additive oil, produced a by-product which by some changes in its reaction process, the company managed to the manufacture of sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate in the laboratory, that this product has many applications with the C3477 brand in the flotation of copper and antimony. In the process of production of the sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate technical knowledge of sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate salts diethyl thiophosphate potassium was obtained. 

The knowledge-based company of Afzoon Ravan Sazan Mihan, relying on the capabilities of the research and executive team after several years of study and using the knowledge and experiences of educated people and academic centers in the year resistive economy and action, has launched the first chemical Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate (ZDDP) production line, with Afzoon ZDDP brand as engine oil additives, with the capacity of 1 ton in a day has been designed, built and launched by domestic experts. In the current year(2016) the production of 10 tons in a day, is in the phase of design and manufacture, and is running in order to meet the national needs of the country's oil industry, as a national project.