(Calcium Benzene Sulfonate Detergents (TBN400

(Calcium Benzene Sulfonate Detergents (TBN400

(The over alkaline sulfonate calcium-based) Alkaline number 400

Product Description:

The above product is multi-functional additives sulfonate calcium based with alkaline number 400, which is generally used as a cleaner and stainless in motor oil. The applications of the additive, including motor oil, diesel automotive, marine oils, railroad diesel engines and other diesel engines.


     Cleanliness at high temperatures

     Solubility and stability at high temperatures

     Acid neutralization properties

General Specifications:

Viscosity at 100 ° C   70   Cst

Density at 15 ° C           1200 kg / m3

Alkaline number     (TBN 400)  mg KOH/g

Flash point 220 ° C

Calcium 2/15 wt%

Maintenance, safety and health:

Transport temperature, 90-80 degrees Celsius (194-176 degrees Fahrenheit)

Storage temperature, 80-60 degrees Celsius (176-140 degrees Fahrenheit)