(Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate (Na-thio

(Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate (Na-thio

The application of Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophosphate:

The collector is used as Agzantat in flotation of sulfide or oxide – sulfide minerals, generally.

Sodium Di-isobutyl Di-thiophosphate is a strong collector and particularly is suitable for purification of Copper, nickel and zinc. Improving the extraction of precious metals, particularly platinum group metals are also done by this collector.

Sodium Di-isobutyl Di-thiophosphate is better choice than other collector thiophosphates and is used in the flotation of copper sulfide in the presence of zinc and iron sulfide.

Sodium Di-isobutyl Di-thiophosphate salt is used in extraction of incompatible gold with very low-grade sulfide.


Consumption dosage of Sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate is less than other sulfide collectors, usually. Depending on the type of minerals, usually about 15 to 35 grams are used for per ton.


Experience has shown that Sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate is effective in more than 12 of PH.

One of the advantages of this reactive chemical (Sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate) than Agzantat is its application in acidic PH. In addition, its stability is also very high in the range of PH = 6.

Safety and transportation:

Sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate collector leads to eye and skin irritation.

Safe transportation should be respected.

Transporting, storing and packaging:

Keep in a dry place and away from heat and light and away from water with storage system.

Avoid from freezing and cold weather.

Plastic drums or coated steel drums.

The environmental impacts:

Sodium Di- isobutyl Di- thiophosphate is biodegradable in nature, but it is strongly recommended to avoid from penetration into underground water systems.